Combined A-frames and Stern Rollers

Combined a-frames and stern rollers

PALFINGER MARINE offers combined A-frames & stern rollers tailor-made for different types of offshore vessels.

The system compromises an A-frame, affixed at the wide end to a rotational axis at the narrow end to a roller. The rotational axis at the wide end is eccentric to the rotational axis of the stern roller. The system is designed for special operations like removal of cargo hoses offshore. Together with the towing winch, the system ensures that handling of large couplings on cargo hoses can be done without damaging the couplings. The A-frame is not intended or dimensioned for anchor handling duties. 

The A-frame is mounted flush with the deck and will not influence the vessel deck area when not in operation. One top roller is integrated in the A-frame in order to handle hoses during operation. The stern roller acts like a separate unit and can also be used as a stand-alone stern roller (during towing operations) when the A-frame is stowed flushed into deck.


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