Container and Pallet Handling Cranes

Container and pallet handling cranes

PALFINGER MARINE offers container and pallet handling cranes for various handling and loading tasks on vessels.


PALFINGER delivers customized container handling systems which can handle both 10” and 20” containers to or from the vessel to quay side as well as inside the container hangar area. The system consists of a roof mounted telescopic travelling crane with a slewing gear for full operational reach within the hangar.

  • Hydraulic drive
  • SWL from 15–25 t
  • Container yoke rotation: ± 90 º
  • Telescopic length: 3,500 mm
  • Minimum outreach of telescopic part: 4,450 mm
  • Maximum outreach of telescopic part: 5,916 mm
  • Lifting height: 5,000 mm (or according to customers request)
  • Travelling length: in accordance with customer requirements
  • Local and remote control


PALFINGER has developed a pallet handling crane (PHC) for the offshore wind power industry. It enables safe and efficient (un)loading of pallets to or from containers stored below deck. The pallet handling system consists of a tooth rack and conductor system, a bridge and trolley, a pallet fork system and a pallet fork unit.

  • Electro and hydraulic drive (bridge & trolley electric and fork with hydraulic)
  • SWL of 1 metric ton
  • Rail length: in accordance with customer requirements
  • Radio remote control unit (primary) and cable based control unit (secondary)


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