Container and Pallet Handling Systems

Container and pallet handling system

PALFINGER MARINE has developed a system for safe, efficient, and easy handling of containers, pallets, and loose gods on board windmill service operation vessels (SOV’s).

PALFINGER offers container and pallet handling systems for support vessels. These enable, for example, safe, efficient, and easy handling of containers and pallets on board.

The container and pallet handling system offers:

  • Hydraulically operated, detachable pallet fork
  • 1 metric ton safe working load auxiliary winch
  • Safe working load from 12 to 25 metric tons
  • For 10” and 20” containers

The system is highly adaptable and suitable for various vessel designs as well as retrofitting to existing vessels. This specialized overhead travelling crane is equipped with a telescopic container spreader for handling both 10” and 20” ISO and PWHC containers. 

The container and pallet handling system can be delivered in two different main configurations:

  • Container yoke for containers in longitudinal direction
  • Container yoke for containers in transverse direction

The key difference between the two main configurations is the free installation height required in the container store. The system can be adapted to the length and width of the container store available.

Electric power supply: 
Hydraulic power supply:
Drive type: 
Drive unit, trolley: 
Container lifting: 

By conductor system
HPU integrated in trolley
Tooth rack and pinion
Two AC motors and gears
Wheels, running on girders
Hydraulic cylinder (jigger winch)
Radio remote control unit

Telescopic yoke:
Container gripping:
Length, extended: 
Length, retracted: 
Container size: 
Container lifting height:

Two hydraulic cylinders
Hydraulic operated twist locks
Mechanical guides and wire rope
6060 mm
3012 mm
Standard 10” and 20” ISO or PWHC containers
200 mm
Radio remote control unit

Rated capacity:
Pallet fork lifting:
Pallet fork rotation:
Pallet fork extender:
Hydraulic connections:
Vertical movement:
Fork length:
Fork center distance:
Slewing sector: 

1000 kg
Hydraulic cylinder
Hydraulic motor and slewing ring
Hydraulic cylinder
Quick connect interface in spreader
HQuick connect/disconnect
V1600 mm
1620-2520 mm
450 mm

Wire diameter:
Drum capacity:

Two hydraulic motors
1000 kg
Ø 8mm
20 meter Ø 8 mm
Radio remote control unit


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