Hose Securing Systems

Hose securing systems

PALFINGER MARINE has developed a new hose securing system for platform support vessels (PSV’s) which provides automated and safe operation during loading and off-loading.

PALFINGER’s hose securing systems (HSS) provide safe and automated handling of hoses onboard offshore support vessels
during loading and off-loading bulk to or from a rig. Various numbers of hose securing arms (HSA) are mounted outside of the rail on the vessel nearby the bulk loading connection points (normally four on each side of the vessel). Each hose securing arm consists of one main frame with baseplate for either bolting or welding to deck, one rotatable arm for catching and locking of the hose and one supporting element for reduced wearing of hoses.

The hose securing system is designed to catch and lock hard and soft wall hoses during loading and unloading liquid and dry bulk materials. In operation the arm will be rotated to horizontal position which is the catching position.

The crane operator positions the hose within the catching area of the arm and the arm will be rotated upwards until it locks the hose firmly against a flexible compensator solution. During loading and unloading of liquid and dry bulk, the compensator solution together with the hydraulic cylinder will compensate for increasing and decreasing pressure of the hoses. The system is remotely operated from the bridge and locally operated from a safe position on deck.


In case of black out or emergency, the system is setup with different safety features to avoid that a dangerous situation escalades as described below. The hydraulic cylinders for the locking and clamping system will automatically start to open up the arm as soon as the external force is above the clamping force and thereby release the hose. In addition, the HPU (yard supply or provided by PALFINGER) are fitted with an accumulator for manual operating of arms during black out.

Weight: approximately 150 kg (each HSA)

Height: approximately 1200 mm

Length: 510 mm (each HSA)

Width: 340 mm (each HSA)

Cylinder: one for each HSA

Compensator: one for each HSA

Supporting element: one for each HSA

Working pressure: 250 bar

Oil flow: 30 l/min

  • Hydraulic operated
  • Hose securing arms according to customer’s specification
  • Local control

  • Dedicated HPU
  • Radio remote control
  • Remote control panel (bridge mounted)


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