Skidding Systems

Skidding systems

PALFINGER MARINE supplies various hydraulic skidding systems for the transport of heavy loads on both offshore and onshore installations.

PALFINGER delivers “Gripper Jack” and “Claw” type skidding systems for moving heavy loads along beams with high positioning accuracy, making sure the load is transported safely into its position.

The skidding systems are designed for a range of different load capacities and adaptable to different dimensions of flange width and flange thickness on the skidding beams according to customer’s project requirements. The skidding system consists of two similar skidding units operating on two skidding beams. Each unit is equipped with one hydraulic push/pull cylinder. The skidding unit is built up by one traverse beam connected with two clamping units. On each clamping there are two hydraulic cylinders. The clamping unit fixes the skidding unit to the flange during each work stroke.


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