All capstans are available with electric or hydraulic drive and are delivered with a rated pull from 3-20 t.

Electric capstans: The electric capstans can be incorporated direct into the deck construction by means of a foundation pipe piece. The foundation is open at the bottom and makes it easy to connect the motor from below deck. The electric capstans are delivered with DOL or frequency converter for variable speed.

Hydraulic capstans: Hydraulic capstans are designed with internal drive systems in order to save space onboard the vessel.


The bollard capstans are space-saving onboard the vessel and combine the features of a standard capstan with the features of a standard bollard. Bollard capstans are delivered with electric or hydraulic drive.

  • Electric or hydraulic drive
  • Speed up to 24m/min
  • Local control

  • Pulling force: 5-10 tons
  • Rope MBL: 510kN (maximum)
  • Diameter: Ø 508mm
  • Lenght: Ø 720mm
  • Material: Mild steel

  • Rope MBL: 510kN (maximum)
  • Diameter: Ø508 mm
  • Length: Ø 720 mm
  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Type: DIN 82607-D20


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