Mooring System Winches

Mooring system winches

PALFINGER MARINE offers mooring systems - suitable for various kinds of offshore vessels which require advanced mooring.

PALFINGER mooring systems consist of multiple mooring winches and a centralized control system in addition to local controls on each winch. The mooring system winches are equipped with tension and payout length control. The mooring systems are equipped with wire rope tension and payout length control and are capable of emergency release under a combination of all of the following conditions: dead ship (by use of accumulators), brake on and hoisting/lowering conditions. The mooring system winches from PALFINGER MARINE can be delivered in the following configurations:

  • 4-point mooring
  • 8-point mooring
  • 12-point mooring
  • 16-point mooring

  • Electric or hydraulic drive
  • Rated pull from 20–400 metric tons
  • Spooling device
  • Hydraulic operated brake and clutch
  • Auto tension / tensioning control
  • In-house made “state of the art” control system

  • Water cooled brakes
  • Wire sheaves
  • Swiveling fairleads
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