Anchor Handling/Towing Winches

Anchor handling/towing winches

For all types of AHT & AHTS vessels, PALFINGER offers a wide range of anchor handling and towing winches.

PALFINGER MARINE supplies a broad range of winches for anchor handling and towing purposes onboard AHT & AHTS vessels. Winch dimensions and capacities are normally custom-built for the specific vessel and its operation. These winches and their associated control systems are suitable for all sizes of anchor handlers. In view of the very high loads, anchor handling and towing winches have to be tightly integrated into the structure of the vessel, which is why the winches are custom-built for the specific vessel and its operations.

AHT winches are delivered with hydraulic or electrical drive and with spooling device according to the customer's requirements. These winches are also equipped with advanced bridge control systems including all required functions and automation in addition to the local control on the winches, which is mainly for maintenance and service. Their rugged design ensures trouble-free operation under demanding conditions.



  • Electric or hydraulic drive
  • Rated pull from 150–500 metric tons at 1st layer
  • Brake holding force up to 670 metric tons
  • Hydraulic operated brakes / clutches
  • Spooling device / state-of-the-art control system

  • Chain pulling winches
  • Chain rollers
  • Secondary winches
  • Double drum waterfall
  • Triple drum waterfall
  • Side-by-side (double or triple drum)

  • Hoisting
  • Lowering
  • Speed lowering
  • Dynamic breaking


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Anchor Handling/Towing Winches