Secondary Winches

Secondary winches

PALFINGER offers a wide range of secondary winches for AHTS vessels with various configurations as well as various pull and brake holding capacities.

An AHTS vessel normally consists of one or two secondary winches where each of them has a storage capacity of up to 1600 m Ø 203 mm synthetic fibre rope, up to 4000 m or Ø 76 mm steel wire. PALFINGER secondary winches are delivered with a pull capacity from 100 - 200 t.

Secondary winches are always equipped with a spooling device to ensure safe spooling into the drum.

  • Locally and remote controlled (from bridge)
  • Hydraulic driven (one or two hydraulic motors)
  • Operated in normal or dynamic braking mode
  • Hydraulic operated clutch (clutch is used for freewheeling)
  • Hydraulic operated band brake


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