Crane Lift Support Winches

Crane lift support winches

PALFINGER MARINE has developed a system for support during crane lift operations on board offshore construction vessels.

The system consists of four electrical driven, frequency controlled winches and is designed to secure cargo during crane operations. Each winch is supported by dedicated frequency inverters, equipped with constant tension (CT) functionality, load cells (2 load cells on each winch) and overload protection by mechanical torque limiter (spring tensioned friction lamella type). On request, the system can also be delivered with hydraulic drive.

The winch system is controlled by two radio remote control units (each radio remote control unit controls two winches). To ensure redundancy each winch is also delivered with a cable based local control panel.

Pulling force, 1st layer: 
Pulling force, top layer:
Speed, 1st layer:
Speed, top layer:
Drum capacity:
Brake holding force, 1st layer:
Brake holding force, top layer:
Motor brake (electrical):
Minimum tension:
Maximum tension:
Line load read out:

Electric driven
13.8 t
10 t
Stepless 0-13 m
Stepless 0-40 m
200 m Ø 22 mm wire
23,2 t
16,8 t
20,7 t at 1st layer
2 t
13,8 t 
+/- 15-20 %
Display for line read out on radio remote control unit


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