Fast Rescue Boat Davits

Fast rescue boat davits

Innovative A-frame davit with hydraulic pivoting and electric hoisting

PRHE series

  • Delivered as a "plug-and-play" unit, ready for immediate use
  • Hydraulic pivoting and electric hoisting
  • Self-contained stainless steel HPU system, all critical components are fully submerged in hydraulic oil
  • Stainless steel for all shafts, piping and bolts and nuts up to M12
  • Remote-control push-button box, for hoisting and emergency stop
  • Foldable davit arm for easy transportation
  • Optional light weight version and boat fender kits available
Innovative davit systems with all components protected inside the structure

NPDS series

  • Innovative totally enclosed davit system: all components mounted inside the davit structure and protected from all weather conditions
  • Fitted with several inspection/maintenance hatches for easy access to all equipment built inside
  • Delivered as a "plug-and-play" unit, ready for immediate use
  • Pad-eyes for lifting which makes it beneficial for mounting on board
  • Standard configuration, or high speed (constant tensioning) configuration available
  • Optional Ro-Ro certificate


  • Constant tensioning system*
  • Shock absorber
  • Boat supports
  • Ex-proof*
  • Heating system
  • Winterization package

* if applicable


Safe Working Load (SWL)

Max. Boat Weight



A-Frame (Fast) Rescue Boat Davits 


15 kN 

1529 kg 

0-18 m/min (Electric)


PRHE 25-2

27.5 kN

2549 kg

0-18 m/min (Electric)


PRHE 25 H 2

27.5 kN

2549 kg

0-18 m/min (Hydraulic)


PRHE 35-2

35.3 kN

3600 kg

0-18 m/min (Electric)


PRH 35 H*

37.5 kN

3823 kg

0-48 m/min (Hydraulic)


PRH 75 H 75 kN 7647 kg 0-18.48 m/min (Hydraulic) Hydraulic






Single Arm Totally Enclosed Davits

NPDS 1800H /NPDS 1800 HFR        

NPDS 3500H / NPDS 3500 HFR*/**

31.4 kN 

3200 kg 



* High speed, optional constant tensioning plus shock absorber

** Ro-Ro fastrescue boat davit

Max boat weight = Fully equipped and manned 


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