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The world's leading producer of highly reliable, innovative, and customized deck equipment and lifesaving appliances for the maritime industries.

As a global partner for innovative and reliable deck equipment and lifesaving appliances, PALFINGER MARINE supplies high-quality products to fulfil standardized and customized demands. Supported worldwide by a network of experienced and skilled specialists, we provide flexible and efficient service solutions. Our portfolio gives a competitive edge for customers in the maritime and offshore industry. PALFINGER MARINE provides lifting and handling solutions to all major maritime segments, including Offshore | Oil and Gas, Merchant | Cargo, Aquaculture, Passengers | Cruise, Governmental, and Wind

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Together we are shaping the future of our customers' lifting solutions.

The international mechanical engineering firm of PALFINGER is the world’s leading producer of innovative crane and lifting solutions. For over 90 years, PALFINGER has understood change to be an opportunity. With the help of its leadership in innovation, the company is significantly shaping the development of the industry and its quality standards. That is how PALFINGER offers its customers and partners the best products and solutions, precisely customized to their requirements. In the megatrends of sustainability, digitalization and social change, PALFINGER sees substantial challenges for the company and its customers that require proactive and forward-looking action. PALFINGER is reacting to these profound changes with the “Vision & Strategy 2030” and its two strategic pillars “Go for Solutions” and “Go Digital.” To better support its customers and partners and offer them a portfolio ranging from individual products to complete solutions, PALFINGER uses the potential of digitization along the entire production and value chain.

As a global company with strong roots in its home region, PALFINGER is convinced that thinking and acting in the interests of sustainability play a vital role in successful business operations. The new sustainability strategy is based on the ESG criteria of Environment, Social, and Governance. With this strategy, PALFINGER phrases measurable actions that define the reduction of CO2 emissions along the entire value chain as well as new standards in employee development.

Lifting value – creating momentum

The vision: PALFINGER is working on a world in which customers are offered top-level sustainable lifting solutions in a responsible manner and with positive impacts on people, the planet, and the success of the company. PALFINGER supports customers worldwide who expect the maximum: Value, for the life of the product. As a leading technology company, PALFINGER creates added value from the challenges of its customers.

With the GLOBAL PALFINGER ORGANIZATION (GPO) organizational structure, we created the network needed for perpetuating the PALFINGER success story. It creates the conditions for efficiently and effectively exploiting synergies within the Group and promptly reacting to changes in the market.

To live a vision and consistently implement a strategy requires a high level of leadership. The leadership principles apply to the Executive Board as well as to the Global Management Team and all leadership functions: DRIVE. FOCUS. INSPIRE. EMPOWER. DEVELOP. DELIVER.

Strategic pillars

Sustainability, digitization and social change: The world is facing major challenges that also have an impact on PALFINGER’s business activities. PALFINGER sees risks as well as opportunities in this. With its “Vision & Strategy 2030” and the two strategic pillars “Go for Solutions” and “Go Digital,” PALFINGER phrases answers to global changes and for future economic success.

Go for Solutions:

PALFINGER is seen worldwide as the innovation and technology leader in its industry. The company sets standards with its state-of-the-art products. With the Strategy 2030, PALFINGER is evolving into a complete solutions provider with an even stronger customer focus.

PALFINGER combines physical and digital solutions into a single unit. Customers get hardware and software from a single source. This provides them with intelligent and highly networked machines. That is why PALFINGER is expanding its product range and offering its customers even more choice and support in the future, from individual products to truck-mounted systems and complete solutions. PALFINGER stands for the highest quality over the entire product life cycle and is a strong partner to its customers.

Go Digital:

PALFINGER has been using the benefits of digitization for years. As part of “Go Digital”, this process is being massively driven forward. PALFINGER will continue to digitize the entire production and value chain.

People are at the center of all PALFINGER’s digitization initiatives. The main goal is to offer customers intelligent lifting solutions and services that offer more functionality and added value. Digitized solutions from PALFINGER make your work easier and more efficient.

Digitizing PALFINGER’s value chains ensures the reliability and quality of data - from suppliers to in-house production and customers. This enables new, data-based business models and opens up new business segments.

As an innovative technology company, PALFINGER combines the very latest hardware with the most advanced software from a single source.

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