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Offshore passenger transfer system (OPTS)


Following the acquisition of the Offshore Passenger Transfer System (OPTS) technology developed by Lift2Work, PALFINGER’s marine business introduces a unique and innovative solution to take on the booming market of offshore transfer systems – in line with the company’s vision of shaping the future of its customers’ lifting solutions.


The system is a multifunctional hydraulic aerial lift for transporting both people and materials in a safe, quick, and efficient way. Technically, the OPTS is compensated on various axes to absorb waves. It can lift up to six people at once and goods weighing up to 2,000 kg. This combination distinguishes the OPTS from any other systems and methods available on the market.


The OPTS unit works from the deck, like the employees; they can safely go from the base to the workplace without having to bridge a height difference. The system's light weight (well under 15 tonnes) hardly affects ship stability, which enables application on very small work vessels.

•    Easy installation
•    High operational accuracy due to low weigh
•    Easy transportation
•    Easy, accurate and stable load lifting operations
•    Multifunctional options including on board rescue operations and accessability to remote control fire-fighting operations.
•    ”Return home safe” function in case of emergencies
•    Full operational logging to indicate maintenance requirements.

  • Passenger transfer in full compensation mode with an accuracy of 10 cm
  • Load lifting till 2000kg in Roll and Pitch compensation mode
  • Load lifting till 1000kg in Roll, Pitch and Heave compensation mode
  • Rescue operations or launching operations
  • Pilotage or firefighting operations with remote control


Sea State 4 Hs 2,5 (indicative)
  Wind speed until 20 m/s
  Ambient temperature -20°C / 45°C
  Wave frequency 0,18 to 0,55 Hz
  Storage temperature -20°C / 45°C
  Humidity to 95%
  Estimated life time 10 years


Education and training Simulator and onsite (one day)
  Controls Failsafe two hands operation
  Redundancy Full
  Back home emergency By any malfunction
Class W2W and lifting app DNV-GL ST-358 / 378
Transfer Max persons 6 persons @16,5 m to 4 persons @24 m
  Basket/platform Multi-function with approach sensors
  Height max 20 meter
  Outreach 24 meter
  Below deck 6 meter
  Turret rotation 2x200 degrees
  Basket rotation 2x40 degrees
Lifting unmanned Cargo lift mean boom 1875 kg @ 16,5 meter
Lifting unmanned (1) Cargo lift mean boom 1875 kg @ 18 meter
  Cargo under basket 375 kg @ 24 meter
Fire Fighting 8 Beaufort 20 m/s One man operation
Rescue   Open
FPSO Passenger transfer Pending on request
Hydraulic Installed Power 2 x 75 kW pressure pumps
  E supply 400V/60Hz stabilized
Emergency Back-up system Accumulators
Controls Human Machine Interface Fully with logging
  Double hands Dead man button
  Full motion compensated DP 2 or positioned mooring required
OPTS Compensation 2.5 by 6 sec
Fully active pending on location and RAO of vessel Roll ± 6°
  Pitch ± 6°
  Yaw ± 6°
  Surge 1,0 m
  Sway 1,0 m
  Accuracy of approach 10 cm
  Speed 0,5 m/sec <60 sec one cycle>
Weight app Weight gross 25 ton by mobile version
    15 ton by fixed version
Dimensions Transport mode 40” x 10” x 8” HQ container
  Footprint deck 8”x 12” (2440x3600)
Vessel Requirements DP 2 or positioned mooring
  RAO info Feasibility plot required


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