Offshore Passenger Transfer System

Offshore passenger transfer system (OPTS)


The OPTS is a 3D compensated passenger and cargo transfer system designed and prepared for marine applications based on motion and environmental conditions to facilitate safe and efficient transfer of persons between a moving vessel and a static offshore structure, such as a wind turbine or drilling / production platform.

It is an excellent tool to service fixed or semi-floating offshore installations or to do de-commissioning work in an offshore environment. The OPTS can be mounted on small and cost-efficient vessels making it possible to carry out work at reduced costs. The OPTS is equipped with a winch which allows it to be used as a 3D compensated crane.

The OPTS is designed and built according to the following specified standards:

  • Crane features according DNV-ST-0378
  • Safety features according DNV-ST-0358
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The OPTS exists in two different versions. First version is made as a complete mobile unit in same size as a 40-foot container. This version is very easy to transport and can quickly be mobilized and mounted on different vessels. On this version the HPU is integrated and mounted on the base frame, so it is only necessary to secure the OPTS on deck and provide it with power to be able to use it for personnel or cargo handling.

The second version is made for fixed installation on a vessel, meaning that base frame is not necessary and HPU can be placed below deck for lowest possible CoG. OPTS can then be permanently welded to deck structure in the most beneficial position.

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The system is a multifunctional hydraulic aerial lift for transporting both people and materials in a safe, quick, and efficient way. Technically, the OPTS is compensated on various axes to absorb waves. It can lift up to six people at once and goods weighing up to 1,000 kg. This combination distinguishes the OPTS from any other systems and methods available on the market.


The OPTS unit works from the deck, like the employees; they can safely go from the base to the workplace without having to bridge a height difference. The system's light weight (approximately 15 tons in the fixed version) hardly affects ship stability, which enables application on very small work vessels.

  • Easy installation
  • High operational accuracy due to low weight
  • Easy transportation as 40 HQ container with a weigh of approximately 25 tons
  • Easy, accurate and stable load lifting operations
  • Multifunctional options including on board rescue operations and accessability to remote control fire-fighting operations.
  • ”Return home safe” function in case of emergencies
  • Full operational logging to indicate maintenance requirements
  • Fully compensated and redundant

  • Passenger transfer in full compensation mode with an accuracy of 10 cm
  • Load lifting till 1,000 kg in Roll, Pitch and Heave compensation mode
  • Rescue operations or launching operations
  • Pilotage or firefighting operations with remote control

Sea State

Sea State 5 (max)
Hs = 2.5 meters (max)
Deck motion depending on deck position and vessel RAO

Deck motions

Roll: ± 6°
Pitch: ± 6°
Heave: 4 meters
Period: T = 6-12 seconds

Personnel transfer time

~60 seconds

Maximum wind speed

20 m/s in operation
63 m/s in parked (sea fastened) position

Operating temperature

Minimum -20°
Maximum +45°

Approx. accuracy

~10 cm

Lifting height

27 meters from deck level (in non-compensation mode)
25 meters from deck level (in compensation mode for max roll/pitch/heave)


27 meters from slewing rotation axis (in non-compensation mode)
20 meters from slewing rotation axis (in compensation mode for max roll/pitch/heave)

Below deck

8.7 meters from deck level (in non-compensation mode)
6.7 meters from deck level (in compensation mode for max roll/pitch/heave)

Slewing range

± 200°

Maximum number of persons in basket

600 kg @ 24 meters (corresponding to 6 persons including operator)

Cargo lift capacity

1000 kg @ 24 meters

Power requirements

2 x 75 kW

E supply

440 VAC / 60 Hz main power**
230 VAC / 60 Hz auxiliary power**


24 tons (mobile unit)
16 tons (fixed installed unit)


DNV-ST-358 Ed. Sept 2017 (Jul 2022) Offshore Gangways
DNV-ST-378 Ed. Jul 2019 (Oct 2021) Offshore and Platform Lifting Appliances


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