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The Training Centre & facilities

All PALFINGER MARINE trainings consist of theoretical and practical lessons. The participants need to get hands-on experience – therefore, the training facility is equipped with a wide selection of PALFINGER MARINE and multi-brand mock-ups.

Advantages of the Training Centre:

  • PALFINGER MARINE can conduct its own in-house authorization training.
  • It allows for a quick response time in case extra product training is needed.
  • It’s a meeting place for service engineers from various PALFINGER MARINE Service Stations where they can exchange tips & tricks.

A DNV-certified maritime training centre

The Training Centre in Schiedam was founded in 2004, when a small group of technical managers at PALFINGER MARINE created an ‘Authorization Programme’ for service engineers. This was one of the requirements in order to comply with the guidelines mentioned in an IMO circular MSC.1/Circ.1206 Rev.1 ‘Measures to prevent accidents with Lifeboats’.

In 2006, the first training programmes for PALFINGER MARINE service engineers and service partners’ technicians were developed. The target audience still primarily consists of these two groups – with the addition of a few service coordinators.

PALFINGER MARINE also provides Operator/Preventive Maintenance Trainings to customers and LSA Familiarization Trainings to Class societies (such as Lloyd’s Register, DNV-GL) and Port State inspectors of Paris MoU.

External Training for customers

Operator & Preventive Maintenance Training (on-board)

The training is usually conducted on-board the customer’s vessel/platform, where the actual equipment can be used for training. Training days consist of a practical and a theoretical part. During the practical part, participants familiarize themselves with the equipment and perform a lifeboat launching procedure.

After successful completion of the course, participants can …

  • … explain and demonstrate the safe working principle of the PALFINGER MARINE LSA equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s Operator & Maintenance manual.
  • … recognize the critical parts that need attention during preventive maintenance of the LSA equipment.
  • … explain the risk of improper use of LSA equipment.

Examples of equipment combinations that customers are trained on:

  • N-type Davit/LBT Lifeboat/JX-1 Hook system
  • VIP Davit/W-winch/MPC Lifeboat/LHRM2 Hook system


Internal LSA training (in-house)

LSA Basic (initial)

This is the first authorization training for PALFINGER MARINE service engineers. After successful completion of the authorization training, the service engineers receive a certificate valid for the duration of three years. In order to maintain the authorization, service engineers need to attend the LSA Advanced Training before the certificate expires.

After successful completion of the LSA Basic Training, participants can:

  • … practice professional work conduct.
  • … assess LSA equipment in accordance with Rules & Regulations.
  • … measure and evaluate acceptance criteria of LSA equipment.
  • … apply tips and tricks learned to disassemble/assemble LSA equipment.
  • … document the job outcome in the Service Report.
  • … explain working principles and purpose of the design.

The Basic Training complies with the ‘Education & Training’ requirements described in the appendix of the IMO circular MSC.1/Circ.1277: ‘Guidelines for certification of personnel for servicing and maintenance of lifeboats, launching appliances and on-load release gear’.

LSA Basic (continued)

A lot of brands fall under the PALFINGER MARINE umbrella. Alas, it’s not possible to cover all products. However, a selection of active/important products were included into the training contents:

The (theoretical) training modules are set up as follows:

  • working principles and purpose of the design
  • relevant rules & regulations that apply
  • differences/acceptance criteria of the design

In the ‘Hydraulic Introduction’ module, service engineers are trained on the basic hydraulic working principle, recognizing parts and how to read a hydraulic diagram.

LSA Advanced (refresher)

Before their authorization certificate expires, service engineers need to attend the Advanced Training to get re-certified for another three years.

The training consists of a recap of the product training alongside updates on products and procedures. Hydraulic training is an important part of the programme as well.

Multi-Brand Basic & Advanced

Since 2011, Multi Brand Basic and Multi Brand Advanced Trainings are available to PALFINGER MARINE service engineers. Attendees need to have successfully completed their authorization training and have several years of experience in servicing PALFINGER MARINE LSA equipment.

As with the authorization trainings, the focus is on the working principle, acceptance criteria and tips & tricks of other OEM’s LSA equipment. It also includes multi-brand relevant rules & regulations.

The Multi Brand Trainings comply with the complete IMO circular MSC.1/Circ.1277: ‘Interim recommendation on conditions for authorization of service providers for lifeboats, launching appliances and on-load release gear ’.



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