Lifting and Handling Equipment

Lifting and handling equipment

PALFINGER MARINE offers lifting and handling equipment for various tasks and vessels. 
A-Frames A-Frames


available for stern- or side-mounting with a lifting capacity from 10 to 400 metric tons

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Stern Rollers Stern Rollers

Stern Rollers

single and double stern rollers available, custom-built to fit each vessel type

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Container Skidding Systems Container Skidding Systems

Container Skidding Systems

a complete system for skidding and securing containers onboard

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PALFINGER MARINE lifting equipment includes a wide range of A-frames as well as stern rollers. A-frames, delivered for either stern or side mounting, are typically used for anchor and buoy handling as well as plough and subsea handling.  Stern rollers by PALFINGER MARINE are custom-built to fit each vessel and are designed for anchor handling and towing operations. Without question, the PALFINGER MARINE lifting equipment complies with all applicable industry standards, guaranteeing reliability and safety. The container skidding system is a valuable addition to the marine handling equipment portfolio, offering an innovative solution for efficiently skidding and securing cargo on board SOVs, ensuring safe transport and handling.