Lifeboat Davits

Lifeboat davits

Hydraulic pivoting davit for lifeboats

PFH series

  • Hydraulic pivoting davit provided with self-contained HPU
  • Ideal for situations where height restrictions apply
  • Modular built system, easy to install
  • Foldable davit arms for easy transportation
  • Main components installed on the davit foundation frames
Totally enclosed davit system with all components protected inside the structure

NPD series

  • Hydraulic pivoting and hydraulic hoisting/lowering
  • Easy to install (plug and play)
  • Fitted with several inspection/maintenance hatches for easy access to all equipment built inside
  • Totally enclosed davit system, components protected from all weather conditions
Gravity based davits for our series of totally and partially enclosed lifeboats

VIP series

  • Hydraulic brake system
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Easy to operate
  • Complies with latest IMO/SOLAS regulations, LSA Code as well as USCG regulation

PFH/VIP series

  • Converter
  • Life-/rescue execution*
  • Ex-proof
  • Skid mounted
  • Other options available on request

*if applicable

NPD/NTD series

  • Ex-proof
  • Heating system
  • Other options available on request

Type Safe Working Load (SWL) Max. Boat Weight*         Operation / Hoisting
Hydraulic Luffing Davits    
PFH 80 80 kN 8158 Hydraulic pivoting/gravity lowering/electric hoisting 
NPD 11300H 110.8 kN 11300 kg 0-5/18 m/min
PFH 130 130 kN    
NPD 14800 145.1 kN  14800 kg 0-5/18 m/min
PFH 230 230 kN 23453 Hydraulic pivoting/gravity lowering/electric hoisting
Double Pivoting Gravity Davits       
VIP 1000 123 kN 12600 kg Gravity lowering/electric hoisting
LPCG 135      
LPCG 175      
P-LD 24      
Single Pivoting Gravity Davits      
PCG 60-2      
PCG 130-2      

*Fully equipped and manned 


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