Foam-Filled Fenders

Foam Fenders

The PALFINGER MARINE NFF series is made of closed cell foam and protected by composite coating made of polyurethane resin and polyester fabrics. With the foam fender series there is more flexibility because the manufacturing process does not require specific molds. As a consequence almost any kind of a size and configuration can be manufactured.

The flexibility applies not only to the actual size, but also performance of the fender. By adjusting the foam density stronger fenders, that are able to withstand greater impact, can be produced. For applications such as cruise, navy and ports - foam filled fenders are often the preferred option.

Main advantages of PALFINGER MARINE foam fenders are:

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Maintenance free
  • High energy absorption
  • Low reaction force

The fenders can be equipped with:

  • Chain passing through
  • Steel axle (turn flange)
  • PU axle
  • Chain and tire net
  • Strap net



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