ROV Hangar Doors

ROV hangar doors

PALFINGER MARINE delivers ROV hangar doors for naval, research and offshore support vessels. They are available in a wide variety of structural and functional configurations to meet specific customer applications. The size of the ROV hangar door can be entirely manufactured and tailor-made to customer requirements. The ROV hangar doors can be designed with single or double opening and a custom-designed shape, based on the ROV launch and recovery system. In the closed position, they are recessed into the vessel flush and aligned with the surrounding shell plate. Each side door is supplied with a local control, fitted with all necessary controls for door opening/closing, locking/unlocking and HPU start/stop.

  • Hydraulic driven
  • Delivered with coaming structure
  • Dimensions/size in accordance with customer’s requirements
  • Delivered in accordance to all class societies requirements
  • Local control


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