PALFINGER offers a wide range of A-frames with a lifting capacity ranging from 10 - 400 t and a working outreach/in-reach of up to 25 m.

PALFINGER MARINE has a range of A-frames delivered for either stern or side mounting. Their lifting capacity ranges from 10–400 tonnes and they have a working out-reach/in-reach of up to 25 meters. They are designed according to project-specific requirements - several options are available. Customers can choose between single fall models (one cylinder on each side) or double fall models (two hydraulic cylinders on each side, knuckle boom design).


PALFINGER’s A-frames are typically used for:

  • Anchor handling
  • Buoy handling
  • Plough handling
  • Subsea handling
  • Launch and recovery of submersibles

  • Hydraulic drive
  • Bolted or welded to deck
  • SWL from 5–400 metric tons
  • Local and remote control

  • Deck mounted wire sheaves for guiding of wire
  • Guide wire winches on A-frame
  • Main lifting winch on A-frame
  • Wireless control
Exploring the oceans

Exploring the oceans

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