Stern Rollers

Stern rollers

The short ended stern rollers developed by PALFINGER offer significant improvements compared to traditional solutions during the installation and in operation of the roller.

PALFINGER supplies single and double stern rollers. They are custom-built to fit each vessel and are designed for anchor
handling and towing operations. Full and simultaneous utilization of both drums (double drums) is provided.

The flange solution utilized in the short ended stern roller simplifies the installation process and ease future maintenance. This reduces the diameter of the axel and causes significant reductions in weight which makes the roller easier to turn. The double drum stern roller is equipped with a central support. This enables full utilization of the roller capacity on both drums simultaneously. The stern rollers can be delivered from SWL 200 tonnes (single models) and up to 750 tonnes (double models) to fit all types of AHTS vessels and to be capable of working on all required loads.

  • A man hour reduction of minimum 75 % comparing to a traditional roller installation
  • Lighter and with less friction between drum and axel
  • Simultaneous full utilization of both drums (if a double drum stern roller is installed)

  • Single or double drum configuration
  • SWL from 50–500 metric tons
  • Manually or automatic greasing

  • Center support for utilizing full SWL on both drums simultaneously (for double drum models)
  • Spare grease pump


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