Fender Davits

Fender davits

PALFINGER focuses on developing the fender business further to fit the demands of tomorrow. Next to high quality, innovation is one of the company's main objectives. PALFINGER MARINE has developed a unique fender davit system.

PALFINGER fender davits save the owner/operator a significant amount of time in preparing the vessel for ship-to-ship operations. Besides reducing operating time and costs, PALFINGER fender davits create a safer working environment for the crew. 

The NFD series covers the most popular types of floating fenders. It is built on the same success formula as the PALFINGER NPD lifesaving series, being a totally enclosed construction with all vulnerable components protected inside the davit structure. The plug-and-play design makes it ideal for installation on existing tonnage or new buildings with limited available deck space.

Main advantages:

  • Operation: the most efficient way of handling fenders
  • Crew safety: safe handling and storage of fenders
  • Maintenance: reduced to a minimum, improved lifetime of the fenders
Fender davit    Fender  Diameter (m)  Length (m)  SWL (kg)
NFD 2500 H - 2035 NPF2035CTN / NPF2540CTN  2.0 3.5 2500
NFD 2500 H - 2540 NPF2540CTN 2.5 4.0 2500
NFD 5500 H NPF2555CTN 2.5 5.5 5500
NFD 8000 H NPF3365CTN 3.3 6.5 8000
NFD 16000 H NPF4590CTN 4.5 9.0 16000

For smaller fenders, PALFINGER MARINE offers the SFD series which is a freestanding deck mounted davit consisting of one davit arm, hydraulic power pack unit, and hydraulically operated winch.

  • Solid and proven design
  • High reliability

The NFC cradle series is specifically designed for safe storage of pneumatic and foam filled fenders. The design gives advantages when it comes to installation and deck preparations, but most importantly it is a safe storage system for your fender. As an extra safety precaution, the cradle can be equipped with stainless steel lashing straps, one for each frame.

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