Pneumatic Fenders

Pneumatic Fenders

The fender body is covered with either chain net, wire net or fibre net. The chain net is the most popular type, protecting the rubber body from sharp objects and normal wear and tear. Each end of longitudinal chains is linked together with one or two rings, which is connected with a guy chain. As standard, the NPF fenders come with truck tyres but aircraft tyres are available as option. All fenders come with towing lug/ring and shackle/swivel connected to each end.

PALFINGER's marine business also offers custom-made designs, like stainless steel tyre net, rubber pads, extra thick rubber sleeves and heavy duty tyre net.

For customers who outfit their fenders with netting locally PALFINGER supplies body only fenders.

The sling type fender is a body-only-version but with reinforced flange area as the towing lug it is directly connected to the outer flange. Each towing lug has a shackle/swivel set.

The advantage by using a sling type fender:

  • Lower weight
  • No risk of scratching ship hull/damaging coating
  • Easier to handle

The disadvantage compared to chain and tyre net type is that the average lifetime of the fender is lower, as the fender body is not protected from sharp objects both during operation and mob/demob/transport. As an alternative to the standard sling fender, PALFINGER's marine business offers pneumatic rib fenders. The rubber ribs offer light protection of the fender body. 

For governmental and submarine projects, PALFINGER's marine business can supply specialized sling type fenders, which are positioned vertically with an anchor, connected and fitted with a special flange for water injection.

  • High-protection netting with aircraft tires
  • Complete STS mooring package - ropes, wires and hardware
  • Two-year operational spare part package
  • Class certification (ABS)
  • Service agreement including safety valve testing and re-certification
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