Fixed Boom Cranes

Fixed boom cranes

Fixed boom cranes from PALFINGER MARINE offer an outstanding solution for safe and fast material handling to offshore wind platforms. Available with electric and manual drive, the cranes come with a special anti-corrosive surface coating.

Due to their thought-out architecture and functionalities, PALFINGER fixed boom cranes are extremely low in maintenance. In addition, they stand out to their reduced weight combined with an impressive performance. Their “plug-and-play” principle allows to quickly and easily install fixed boom cranes in all kinds of work environments, making them a reliable and popular choice.



PALFINGER’s fixed boom cranes are experts for safe and fast material handling at offshore wind platforms. A special surface coating and processing of high-quality materials protects the fixed boom cranes against corrosion. Fixed boom cranes are available with electric and manual drive.

  • Platform cranes
  • Transition cranes
  • Substation cranes

  • CE declaration
  • Overload protection for platform lift (RCL controller acc. EN13852-3)
  • Overload protection for offshore lift (AOPS & ELL acc. EN13852-3)
  • corrosion protection CX (offshore) – EN12944-9
  • Operation by remote control
  • Electric Control Cabinet integrated in the crane boom design
  • Manual slewing
  • Laydown boom for easy access

  • Electric slewing
  • Exceptional lift up to 3,0 t SWL / 1,0 m SWH
  • Spray metalizing
  • Pivoting bars (additional lifting points)
  • Slack wire detection system
  • Visual warning light
  • Working light
  • Pulley line system

Crane Type Outreach (m) Lifting Capacity (t) Significant Wave Height (m) Power Consumption (kW) Dead Weight (t)
PF 6000 2.4 0.7-1 1.8 6 0.9
PF 8000 2.9 1 1.8 6 1
PF 9000 3.4 1 1.8 6 1.3
PF 16000 3.0 2 1.8 12 1.6
PF 20000* 6.9 1 1.8 9 2

* The PF20000 model is available with boom lowering function for easy access and maintenance of boom structure. Also electric slewing is possible with this fully electric driven crane.

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On a remote mission

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