Fully Electric Jib Cranes

Fully electric jib cranes

For unmanned offshore installations

PALFINGER MARINE has developed fully electric jib cranes for use on low-manned or unmanned offshore installations. Designed to withstand harsh environments, these fully electric jib cranes have no exposed components in the parked position. The control system can be fully integrated into and operated remotely from an onshore control location - with start-up procedures, diagnostics, and integrated support and logistic functions. Their power consumption is only 30 to 50 percent compared to conventional offshore cranes.

Benefits of the crane:

  • Zero accidents due to autonomous features

  • No personnel in the critical loading area

  • Zero waste of energy and time due to fully electric operations

  • Immediate log-in on various platforms

  • Reduced helicopter transfers



PALFINGER MARINE’s fully electric jib cranes offer a range of advantages for offshore operations. The lifting systems – typically featuring an outreach between 30 and 40 meters and a lifting capacity between 30 and 70 tons – have no exposed components when in parked position, meaning they are well protected against harsh weather conditions. Moreover, an advanced HVAC system maintains a controlled climate within the crane, safeguarding optimal operating conditions. The fully electric drive system enables precise and eco-friendly motions. PALFINGER MARINE’s fully electric jib cranes can be fully operated remotely from an onshore control room, reducing the need for on-site personnel. Additionally, a dedicated crane cabin is available when on-site operation is necessary.

In terms of safety and reliability, PALFINGER MARINE’s fully electric jib cranes are equipped with a battery room with enough energy stored to move the crane into a safe position in case of power loss. They feature an energy-efficient drive system, incorporating a common DC bus and regeneration, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions compared to traditional cranes. Designed for high-risk operations, they also serve as personnel lifts, incorporating a robust redundancy system for added safety.

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Tailored to meet the demanding needs of offshore wind operations, PALFINGER MARINE's fully electric jib cranes offer a comprehensive range of benefits. The cranes, which typically have an outreach of 20-30 meters, are capable of handling heavy loads with lifting capacities ranging from 10 to 20 tons. The hallmark of PALFINGER's fully electric jib cranes is their fully electric drive system, ensuring an eco-friendly and low-maintenance solution. They are prepared for remote operations, reducing the necessity for on-site personnel and enhancing safety.

The compact design of PALFINGER MARINE's fully electric jib cranes provides a space-efficient solution, making them a perfect fit for offshore wind farms where space is often limited. Key components, such as the electric main winch inside the slewing column and electric motors for slewing motion, contribute to their robust and efficient performance. Moreover, to optimize efficiency and reduce power consumption, the cranes synchronize trolley and winch movements seamlessly. When not in use, the electric trolley can be conveniently parked inside the slewing column, safeguarding critical components and ensuring the longevity of the equipment.

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#reachanything story


As loyal PALFINGER customer, Daniel Ashville Louisy is interested to learn more about our new developments and innovative technologies. The last time Daniel visited PALFINGER in Austria, he became quite curious about our remote operated offshore cranes.

Now, we invited him to Norway to explore this innovative project in detail. Daniel visited our PALFINGER MARINE office in Bergen where he gained deeper insights into the development process and area of operation.

Enjoy watching the first part of our #reachanything story!


In part two of our #reachanything story, Daniel traveled to Stavanger where he could meet our partner Aker BP at their facility. He learned more about remote crane operations and the future developments in the offshore industry.

Curious? Check out part two of our #reachanything story!

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