Fully Electric Jib Cranes

Fully electric jib cranes

For unmanned offshore installations

PALFINGER MARINE has developed fully electric jib cranes for use on low-manned or unmanned offshore installations. Designed to withstand harsh environments, these fully electric jib cranes have no exposed components in the parked position. The control system can be fully integrated into and operated remotely from an onshore control location - with start-up procedures, diagnostics, and integrated support and logistic functions. Their power consumption is only 30 to 50 percent compared to conventional offshore cranes.

Benefits of the crane:

  • Zero accidents due to autonomous features

  • No personnel in the critical loading area

  • Zero waste of energy and time due to fully electric operations

  • Immediate log-in on various platforms

  • Reduced helicopter transfers



  • All critical components are sheltered from weather conditions when crane is parked.
  • HVAC system for climate control inside the crane
  • Fully electric drive for all motions
  • Crane can be fully operated from onshore control room – no need for people offshore
  • Crane cabin for offshore operation available
  • Battery room with enough energy stored to move the crane into safe position in case of power loss
  • Energy efficient drive system with common DC bus and regeneration
  • Significantly reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions compared to traditional cranes
  • Crane designed for high-risk operations and as personnel lift with high level of redundancy


Outreach  Lifting Capacity
Typically 30-40 meter Typically 30-70 tons
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  • Fully electric drive
  • Prepared for remote operations 
  • Compact solution
  • Electric main winch inside the slewing column
  • Electric motors for slewing motion inside the column
  • Synchronized trolley and winch movements to reduce power consumption
  • Electric trolley parked inside slewing column when crane not in use


Outreach  Lifting Capacity
Typically 20-30 meter Typically between 10-20 tons
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