Fully Electric Travelling Jib Cranes

Fully electric travelling jib cranes

One of the most important features of PALFINGER MARINE´s fully electric travelling jib cranes is their ability to move along the side of a structure or a wall. This unique capability allows them to work in areas that are difficult to access with traditional crane.

Fully electric travelling jib cranes typically consist of a main crane unit that is mounted on a rail system. This allows it to move along the side of a structure.


Another advantage? They can quickly and easily position themselves to perform tasks, which can save time and reduce costs compared to traditional cranes. These cranes can also be designed for high risk operation with redundant hoisting system making it possible to work close to live wells.

Fit to be used for a wide range of tasks:

  • Lifting and positioning heavy equipment
  • Installing and maintaining pipelines and cables
  • Performing maintenance and repairs on offshore structures


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